Welcome to Caribbean Music Database

Ever wanted to find our detailed information about your favorite Caribbean song or artist? Who produced it? What If you knew the song but didn’t know the album or riddim it was on? Look no further, the Caribbean Music Database or Caribbean Music Directory, provides you with anything regarding music in the Caribbean.

The CMD is basically an archive of Caribbean Music, going way back to the beginning, and up to the present moment. All music types and genres are categorized here and easily available for you to view.

All new Caribbean music releases will be added into our ever growing database, and will continue to grow into the unforeseeable future as new music comes out.

The Caribbean offers a wide variety of different culture, and with different culture come different types of music. Most recognizable of the Caribbean music genres are Reggae and Dancehall originating from Jamaica, Soca from Trinidad and Tobago, Calypso from Barbados. Samba, Reggaeton, Rap and Hip Hop are very popular as well. Most of the islands tend to have their own unique music.

The Caribbean Music Database allows you to search and locate songs, albums, riddims as well as artist profiles. You can access this information easily, by the click of a button. Use this site as a Caribbean Song Dictionary or just as reference to find out the new hit song to come out.